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Which Shape? Which Wood? TANGLEWOOD! Premier SE Promotion

Tanglewood Premier SE Series Promotion Available in Dreadnought and Super Folk each in four wood finishes – AA Engleman Spurce Top, New BBand Crescent 1 Preamp. Finish options include Lacewood, Figured Ash, Zebrano and Dao. Complete with a 5 year …
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Choosing your capo

G7th Inventor and Founder Nick Campling discusses choosing between different capo types. Nick Campling is a chartered engineer with degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design. Nick is the inventor of the G7th capo, and is responsible for overseeing all …
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Why choose Regal Tip?

Who is Regal Tip? Necessity is the mother of invention. No one knows this better than Joe Calato, who revolutionized the drumstick industry in 1958. That’s when professional drummer and woodworker, Joe Calato, made a stick that would last longer …
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