This special kit offers everything you need for your basic vocal recording and live streaming applications.

EKSBONE is designed to offer you all the advantages of digital audio and allow you to create multimedia content wherever you are, on any desktop or mobile device.

The EKUSBDM1 microphone is equipped with a high quality 48kHz converter and a dynamic cardioid capsule that guarantees great versatility at an unbeatable price.

The kit includes the EHFC30 stereo headphones, light, powerful and suitable for all multimedia uses. The combination of these two products is ideal for a wide range of applications such as singing, presentation and podcasting, always aiming for maximum ease of use.

 EKSBONE is equipped with all the necessary accessories: a USB cable, an XLR microphone cable, a desktop stand and a rubber microphone holder.

  • EKUSBDM1       Dynamic microphone with USB interface
  • EHFC30        Multimedia stereo headphones
  • DST40TL    Desktop microphone stand
  • APM20      Special rubber microphone holder


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Brand Eikon
Shipping Weight 1.0000kg