Newport (12 String Silver)

The low-profile, flip lever capo for 12 string guitar, now with our brand new Compensated String Pad.

Simply flip the cunningly-concealed lever to clamp and fine-tune the tension for buzz-free, tuneful capoing.

A 12 string capo that doesn't rely on brute force

The Newport 12 String capo is specifically designed for 12 string acoustic and electric* guitars and combines traditional flip lever action, with a low-profile that doesn't get in the way of your fretting hand.


Fine tune adjustment means that you can dial in exactly as much tension as you need.

Unique Compensated String Pad allows all 12 strings to fret at the same time and under the same tension, dramatically reducing tuning problems while capoing all 12 strings securely and accurately.

Choosing the G7th Newport 12 string capo means you spend less time tuning and more time playing. Great on stage and in the studio!

*Not suitable for Rickenbacker 12 string guitars due to the reversed octave string positions.
Got a Rickenbacker? Contact us to discuss the availability of the old style Newport 12 string capo.



Versions Available 6-String Guitar Capo12-String Guitar CapoClassical Guitar CapoBanjo CapoPartial # 5 Guitar CapoPartial # 3 Guitar Capo
Colours Available Silver
Summary So small and light, you'd hardly know it was there! Easily applied and removed using the quick-release lever, while the screw adjusts the tension – even With the capo in position.
Adjustable Tension Yes
One-Handed Operation Possible With Practice
Clamps Onto Headstock No
weight 43g / 1.5oz
Size & Shape The smallest of the three capo models. Slim, and rounded, so you'll hardly know it's there.


Barcode # 5060079200591
Brand G7th
Shipping Weight 0.0700kg
Shipping Width 0.115m
Shipping Height 0.015m
Shipping Length 0.180m