Gericho Hills

Wicked Things

Meet Gericho Hills, the rock bass guitarist hailing from the vibrant city of Sydney, Australia. As a pivotal member of the band Wicked Things, he and his three brothers command stages with their electrifying hard rock performances, boasting colossal riffs, expansive vocal ranges, and relentless drumming that ignite audiences with excitement.

Gericho's journey with the bass began in his early years, and over the span of almost 17 years, he has refined his craft to perfection. Drawing inspiration from a multitude of legendary rock bassists, including Geezer Butler, Billy Sheehan, and Roger Glover, Gericho has cultivated a style uniquely his own.

Growing up immersed in the sounds of 70s British hard rock icons like Black Sabbath and Deep Purple, Gericho's musical palate expanded as he delved into the American rock scene with bands such as Van Halen, Guns N Roses, and Mr. Big. These influences laid the groundwork for Gericho's dynamic approach to bass playing, from mastering chordal changes to sculpting dynamic shifts within songs.

Gericho has been proudly playing Rotosound for years, a partnership he holds in high esteem. He swears by the custom Billy Sheehan 66 Swing Bass strings by Rotosound, considering them the pinnacle of bass string craftsmanship. 

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