Jason Delphin

Jason Delphin is a dynamic figure in the music industry, renowned for his versatility and expertise as a professional music producer, mastering engineer, and accomplished blues and jazz guitarist. Originating from Devonport, Tasmania, Delphin's unique sound caught the attention of Triple j, leading to his signing with Sony Music Group in 2012.

He has become a fixture on the festival circuit, gracing stages at the Falls Festival, the Big Day Out, and, most notably, Blues on Broadbeach. Delphin’s presence at Blues on Broadbeach is unparalleled; in 2024, he will mark his 8th consecutive year performing at the prestigious festival, making him the longest-standing artist in its history.

Delphin's academic achievements include completing his honors in jazz arranging and composing, underscoring his deep musical knowledge and ability to blend various styles seamlessly. His musicianship is a hybrid, drawing from a broad spectrum of influences, which he skillfully integrates into his work. In 2024, Delphin continues to evolve and captivate audiences with the release of three new singles, each showcasing his refined skill set and innovative approach to music.

Jason Delphin is not just a musician but a vanguard of modern music, continuously pushing boundaries and redefining genres.

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