JayBird Byrne

Despite her youth, JayBird Byrne is recognized by senior musicians and guitar enthusiasts as an outstanding instrumental guitarist. Her performances captivate audiences, resulting in a growing reputation fuelled by social media. This is not only due to her incredible talent but also to the fierceness and spirit of her playing and her innate feel for connecting to and communicating with her audience.

Endorsements from many top companies acknowledge JayBird’s skills. Legends such as Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhoads, Steve Vai, and Joe Satriani have significantly influenced her style. However, her versatility and creativity are already evident in her highly individual tone, a fusion of prog-rock and metal guitar. What is most significant is the repertoire of original music being produced, often self-produced. (‘Convergence’, her first single, was awarded First prize honours at the International Youth Music Competition).

For JayBird, “to play the guitar and create music is to be free and be me; it’s the only way I can express myself and my emotions.” Hence, her strong individuality and musicality underpin her compositions' complex fusion of multi-layered guitar tracks. Her debut EP, ‘Dog Tales’, is nearly ready for release, while she is currently working on her second EP, ‘My Eyes’. JayBird’s goal is to control ‘all things guitar’ – evident in self-production and impressive technical skills in maintenance and improved instrument performance. The ‘complete package’ of JayBird Byrne is stunning, not just the youth of a guitar prodigy.   

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