Introducing the Reunion Pro Series of Guitars from Tanglewood: Where Aspiration Meets Excellence.

In the heart of every aspiring musician lies a burning desire to create, to express, and to make music that resonates with the soul. At Tanglewood, we understand that this journey begins with the perfect instrument in your hands. We recognize that a musical instrument must encompass not just quality but a blend of factors – high build quality, exceptional playability, captivating aesthetics, and a treasure trove of features that both encourage and reward those who are just starting to tread the path of music.

With this unwavering commitment to aspiring musicians, Tanglewood’s master luthiers embarked on a mission to craft an instrument that is not just an instrument, but a companion in your musical odyssey. The result is the Tanglewood Reunion Pro Series.

The Reunion Pro Series is more than a collection of guitars; it’s a testament to our dedication to empowering musicians right from the beginning of their musical journey. These guitars embody a fusion of craftsmanship, innovation, and affordability, offering you an entry point to the world of music without compromise.

Each guitar in the Reunion Pro Series proudly boasts a solid Spruce top, a tonewood renowned for its versatility, dynamic range, and crisp, articulate sound. But we’ve gone even further in our pursuit of excellence. For those who demand the extraordinary, we present two exceptional models featuring figured Ebony and figured Koa tops, providing not just sublime tonal qualities but also an alluring visual appeal.

To create a truly diverse range, the back and sides of these guitars are crafted from an array of exotic woods, including Hawaiian Rainwood, Koa, Pacific Walnut, and Black Walnut. These premium tonewoods infuse each guitar with its own distinct character, offering a rich palette of tones that adapt to your unique musical style.

In the spirit of perfection, we’ve adorned the Reunion Pro Series with deluxe chrome machine head buttons, ensuring your tuning stability remains steadfast, allowing you to focus solely on the music. And to complement the overall elegance of the instruments, we’ve chosen understated sound hole rosettes, a testament to the principle that true beauty lies in simplicity.

At Tanglewood, we firmly believe that every aspiring musician deserves an instrument that mirrors the quality and features of instruments typically found in a higher price bracket. With the Reunion Pro Series, we’ve bridged the gap between affordability and premium craftsmanship, enabling you to embark on your musical journey with a companion that will inspire, encourage, and reward you at every step of your evolution as a musician.

Discover the passion, creativity, and joy that the Tanglewood Reunion Pro Series of guitars brings to your musical pursuit. Let your melodies and harmonies resonate with the world, and allow your music to tell your story. Your aspirations and your artistry deserve nothing less than the best, and with the Reunion Pro Series, we’ve made sure that you’ll find it.

Welcome to a world where aspiration meets excellence, where your music comes to life, and where the stage is set for your brilliance to shine. It’s time to reunite with your musical aspirations, and the Reunion Pro Series is here to make that journey extraordinary.


  • SHAPE: Cutaway Super Folk
  • TOP: Solid Spruce with Koa Veneer
  • BACK: Koa
  • SIDES: Koa
  • BINDING & ROSETTE: Herringbone Inlay
  • FRET INLAYS: Snowflake
  • FINISH: Natural Satin
  • EQ: Tanglewood Premium Plus
  • STRINGS: Bronze 12-53
  • RANGE: Reunion Pro

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Brand Tanglewood