Thomastik Dominant Pro for Violin

Since 1970 the playing styles and ideas surrounding sound have been expanded. With Dominant Pro, we are not aiming to change the basic character of Dominant, but rather to offer an additional, contemporary repertoire of the biggest advantages of Dominant Pro and Dominant strings.

What do Dominant Pro and Dominant have in common?

Both have very low string tensions and are therefore suitable for the majority of new and old instruments without putting too much strain on them. They have a similar capacity for modulation, lots of sound colour, very good tuning stability, and a very good bow response.

*DP01AU [diameter 0.265 mm, 8.0 kg, removable ball end] generates a very warm, clear sound that simultaneously conveys brilliance. In addition, the string is extremely corrosion-resistant. In contrast to DP01, the sound is as clear as a bell and the individual sound colors can be clearly and individually distinguished: green and blue remain green and blue without morphing into a tonal turquoise; yellow and red do not merge to become orange.

Combined with its great capacity for projection, this allows it to assert itself very well in orchestras or in chamber music as required. If the system as a whole (instrument, rosin, bow hair and bowing) has a tendency to whistle, DP01AU may not be the ideal choice. In this case we recommend DP01.

Important: the assumption that individual bowing alone leads to whistling is incorrect. As always, when using a fine tuner hook, it is crucial to make sure that it is always “deburred” (= the sharp edges are filed down), otherwise the string at the fine tuner end can break more easily than normal tin-plated strings.

Available Sizes | Gauges

 4/4 | medium


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Violin 4/4 vibrating string length 32.5cm | 12.8"

NR. Core Material Outer Material Tailpiece End   kg lb Peg End
DTDP01 e² mi² I Carbon Steel Tin Plated Al. RB               8.0 17.6            
DTDP01AU e² mi² I Stainless Steel Gold Plated Al. RB               8.0 17.6            
DTDP01PT e² mi² I Stainless Steel Platinum Plated Al. RB               8.2 18.1            
DTDP01SN e² mi² I Carbon Steel Tin Plated Al. RB               7.9 17.4            
DTDP02 a¹ la¹ II Synthetic Core Aluminum Wound Al. B               5.5 12.1            
DTDP02B a¹ la¹ II Carbon Core Chrome Wound Al. RB               6.1 13.4            
DTDP03 d¹ re¹ III Synthetic Core Aluminium Wound Al. B               4.6 10.1            
DTDP03A d¹ re¹ III Synthetic Core Silver Wound Al. B               4.5 9.9            
DTDP04 g sol IV Synthetic Core Silver Wound Al. B               4.6 10.1            
SET NR. DTDP100                  


MEDIUM 22.6 kg | 49.7 lb                  

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Barcode # 9003918765567
Brand Thomastik