Thomastik Rondo for Cello

Clear and velvety

The Thomastik-Infeld RONDO® product line is defined by a very clear, powerful and direct sound with a velvety tone color. Cello strings are often associated with the throaty singing of a tenor. However, RONDO® strings sound closer to the chesty voice of a baritone, giving the cello a full, rich and deeper sound. These sound characteristics are also what set the strings apart from other, well-known strings and alternatives within the current Thomastik-Infeld range.

Smooth transition

The NO.RO400 set is very homogeneous. The strings are matched in such a way that the tonal and haptic transition between the strings is hardly noticeable.

The present D-string

Cellists frequently complain that the sound and volume of D-strings deteriorates after a short time. This was taken into account in the development of this set, and the RONDO® D-string was deliberately manufactured to emanate a present sound. This makes it a stable bridge between the G- and A-string! The entire set is very powerful and the strings’ sound fills the room even when little bowing pressure is applied.

Fast response

RONDO® strings have a fast and precise response that is not aggressive.

For professionals

Thomastik-Infeld RONDO® NO.RO400 have been tested by over 500 professional cellists worldwide on instruments of the famous old and new masters. The product offers lots of radiance, color, volume and projection, especially for new builds. The strings are very present and masculine with an intense depth of sound, meaning they are more likely to meet the demands of professionals and advanced players. For beginners, enthusiasts and those looking for a more subdued sound character, we recommend Thomastik-Infeld VERSUM® strings.

Available Sizes | Gauges

 4/4 | medium


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Cello 4/4 vibrating string length 70cm | 27.6"

NR. Core Material Outer Material Tailpiece End   kg lb Peg End
DTRO41 a la I Carbon Steel Multialloy Wound Br. B              18.8 41.4           
DTRO41XP a la I Carbon Steel Multialloy Wound Br. B              18.1 39.9           
DTRO42 d re II Carbon Steel Multialloy Wound Cp. B              14.3 31.5           
DTRO43 G Sol III Carbon Steel Tungsten/Chrome Wound Nk. CB              14.3 31.5           
DTRO44 C Do IV Carbon Steel Tungsten/Chrome Wound Br. CB              13.8 30.4           
SET NR. DTRO400                  


MEDIUM 61.2 kg | 134.8 lb                  

The New Rondo Experience: DTRO41XP

If the instrument itself already has a high sound density or needs relief, we recommend the DTRO41XP string. If the instrument needs more focus and contour, you need DTRO41 string.

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Barcode # 9003918764652
Brand Thomastik
Shipping Weight 0.0640kg
Shipping Width 0.125m
Shipping Height 0.020m
Shipping Length 0.125m