Introducing the Vivo EV003 Electric Violin . Crafted with precision and designed for both budding musicians and seasoned performers, the EV003 offers a harmonious balance between quality and cost, rivaling some of the higher end models, while keeping your budget in check.

Unleash your artistic potential with the Vivo EV003's sleek, elegant design and expertly engineered sound. Its modern body, available in classic ebony and vibrant finishes, ensures you make a statement on stage. The lightweight frame enhances playability, allowing you to move effortlessly during performances.

Equipped with a quality pickup system and built-in headphone jack, the EV003 grants you the freedom to practice quietly or amplify your sound with ease. This electric violin's natural resonance, coupled with its extensive tonal range, makes it a versatile choice for various musical genres.

The Vivo EV003 Electric Violin redefines affordability without compromising on quality, ensuring that you can explore your musical passions without breaking the bank. Elevate your music and expand your artistic horizons with this exceptional instrument. Choose the Vivo EV003 and discover a world of creative possibilities at a price that won't hold you back.

Instrument includes professional setup.

Product Specification

Bow Octagonal with Fully Mounted ebony Frog.
Bridge Finish Maple with piezo pickup
Outputs 3.5mm line and headphone out
Case Type V103 case Included
Chin Rest Ebony
Fingerboard Ebony
Instrument Violin
Outfit Outfit
Peg Type Ebony with Paris Eye
Rosin Included
Size 4/4
Strings Factory
Tailpiece Vivo Ultra-Lightweight Carbon Composite with fine-tuners.
Tuners 4 Integral Fine Tuners  
Accessory  Headphones, Cable and 9V Battery included


Barcode # VI-EV3
Brand Vivo Violins