Thomastik Spirocore Orchestra for Double Bass

60 years ago Thomastik-Infeld invented the spiral rope core high twist used in Spirocore strings. For 60 years and counting it still remains unrivalled! Spirocore strings stand out with a distinctive focus, a brilliant and clear top and a very powerful bottom, ideal for dark sounding instruments.

They have a very long life span and will support your every move and tone.

The spiral rope core enables prompt translation of every impulse from the left hand or bow into an expressive and powerful sound.

They impress with a long sustain, growl, punch and power but also with their great dynamic range and their multiplicity of tone colours. Designed to set the standard for the greatest Jazz players, more and more Arco soloists continue to discover the beauty of sound and playability of Spirocore strings.

Avishai Cohen, Adrian Stout, Carlitos del Puerto, Viktor Krauss and many more.


Available Sizes | Gauges

 4/4 | light, medium, heavy

 3/4 | light, medium

 1/2 | medium

 1/4 | medium


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Double Bass Orchestra 1/2 vibrating string length 96.5cm | 38"

                    LIGHT   MEDIUM    
NR. Core Material Outer Material Tailpiece End   kg lb Peg End   kg lb Peg End        
DT3887.2 G Sol I Spiral Core Chrome Wound Al. CB              24.5 54.0              27.0 59.5                   
DT3887.3 D Re II Spiral Core Chrome Wound Al. CB              25.0 55.1              27.5 60.6                   
DT3887.4 A1 La1 III Spiral Core Chrome Wound Al. CB              25.5 56.2              28.0 61.7                   
DT3887.5 E1 Mi1 IV Spiral Core Chrome Wound Al. CB              26.0 57.3              29.5 65.0                   


SET NR. DT3887            
DT3887.2; DT3887.3; DT3887.4; DT3887.5            
LIGHT 101 kg | 222.6 lb                          
MEDIUM 112 kg | 246.8 lb                          

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